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Lolify your old furniture tutorial, Part I


Even though I recently completed my bachelor's degree, a slew of random circumstances--mostly economic (I can't get a job) and educational (graduate school with in-state tuition!)--led me back to my parents' house instead of the brave new world that society expects me to enter. This was totally fine with me, by the way, especially because it allows me to play around with a certain hobby of mine: interior decoration. The bedroom that I grew up in hasn't exactly grown up with me. Moving back home presented me with the perfect opportunity to update my room with a little paint, some sandpaper, and a bit of creativity. Since my current tastes are heavily Lolita-inspired, I thought I'd throw together a tutorial to show all of you how to turn a tired old nightstand (or other piece of wooden furniture!) into a cute, Victorian-inspired (and, it must be said, très shabby chic) "antique" that'll add a nice dose of Lolita charm to your room. Allons-y!

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Aaaaand apparently I'm too epic/tl;dr for LJ, so I'm going to be splitting this into two parts. Part two is here!

In which Emily attempts to revive a meme.

Making this entry public because I think this is really important.

Lolitas have a reputation for wank. We're known for cattiness and petty vindictiveness and channeling all of our negativity towards certain targets. Lately, that kind of drama seems to be taking over the community.

It's time to start going against our reputation.

Six months ago, there was a meme that launched an impressive--if short lived--burst of positivity. I think it's time to bring back that meme and prove that Lolita isn't just about drama.

So, without further ado, here's the original meme from celticfreefall back in August, 2009:

HEY FOLKS. LISTEN UP. Go down your friends list. Steal thar lolitar fotos. Open up MS Paint. Write something nice. Submit that shit to Loli_Valentines and pass this along. I want the next post to be epically long, and include everyone you know and love (or even hate) to outdo the stupid bitching and e-vendetta bullshit that has been perpetuated lately. Fuck Loli_Secrets, /CGL/, Vendettas, and any other community that exists for people to troll others needlessly. Fuck it right in the ear. NOW GO GET THAT SHIT DONE.

If you can, please repost this in your own journal and commit to making at least three loli_valentines.

The meme can be expanded, too.

Guys, pay it forward. Give someone a nice compliment on daily_lolita. Refrain from taking part in vindictive wank. Don't fuel drama on loli_secrets. If you can, commit to avoid going on /cgl/ for at least a week--I think you'll feel better for it.

We're better than this...and it's time to show them that we can be.
One not-so-little known fact about me is that I love to cook. I like cooking food more than I like eating it--and that's a pretty impressive statement, given how much I like to eat. XD I need to cut down on eating, though. XD Going on a diet, woo. That's why I'm sharing my mom's favorite diet recipe, modified by yours truly. :D

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